20 05 2010

Play on words…get it? Shoot.

There was a shooter in the hospital tonight on Greys Anatomy. and seriously…makes you think. what would YOU do, if you were face to face with an irrational trigger happy shooter with nothing to lose?

Would you beg for your life in futility? Would you try to run? Would you play dead? Would you try to rationalize with the man? Would you move slow, speak calmly and look him in the eye?

All of those tactic were used tonight…and I have to say, I still dont know what was the best method. Because the truth is…you are at his irrational mercy.

You can’t say Greys doesnt do finales well. and post super bowls…and ‘events’. you are in for some great TV when it’s a 2-hour episode. tonight did not disappoint. there was as much drama, tears, freak-outs, excitement, desperate displays of love, music montages, cameos (Mandy Moore) and suspense as you could ever ask for in a jam-packed Greys season finale.

oh…and no one seriously central to the plot died…lots of scares (Carev , Derek and Owen )
but lots of Mercy-Westers (the lurker, the obnoxious guy) and nurses did. And shame on them…they had me sweating like a pig in the desert when that stupid shooter (stay with me now) shot Derek , had a gun to Christina while operating and pregnant Meredith stepped saying “shoot me” and he shot Owen while Derek’s heart rate flatlined! Holy SHOOT…what the SHOOT!?!…Mother SHOOTER!

And as for that baby scare? Meredith has a miscarriage WHILE operating on Owen!

It was remeniscent of the George O’Mally death episode, and the Bomb story arch (avec Christina Ricci) …thoughts?




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