DWTS Finale

24 05 2010

What were you expecting?

Someone to come out and wipe the floor with the other contestants so the winner would be clear? Please…

You can make a case for each remaining ‘star’…I wont promise the cases will be strong, but then, neither is the talent.

Nicole: she’s a friggin dancer. for a living. that’s what she spent the last 10 years of her life perfecting. dance. performance. and making people (mostly men) enjoy her. Soooo…how much of a stretch would this competition be for her? according to her…HUGE! I was never convinced. Tonight, she was great, but not ‘blow me out of my chair’ ‘make me pick up th ephone’ great, and she had an illegal lift (physically paining Carrie Ann to tears of frustration).

Evan: Came in on an Olympic high. He is arguably the most audience friendly, and probably the most notable ‘household nmae’ remaining. He is also a ken doll with little to no offending qualities. Except, he’s a diva. obviously. and that may cost him…never make your russian, 90 pund partner cry…it’s not attractive. He danced well tonight, lots of hopping and fake smiles. He had the most exciting freedance of the night…we shall see.

Erin: The very pretty, very personable underdog. She is also the ‘other’ vote. you know, not option A or option B…option ‘Other’. She will get every vote from people who arent on board with Nicole or Evan…which would put her into the running more than one might think! She also had a really good night, her best…and a darn good time to have a highlight night! Will Maks finally get a winner?

Thoughts? \i’ll make a rpediction tomorrow…the Bachelorette is starting and is (surprisngly) taking my attention away from the world.




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