Finale Tuesday

25 05 2010

What the…?  When did TV get so good…all at once?!

You may be tempted to spend time outdoors tonight…but I would advise against it. seriously. Tonight is a SERIOUS TV Night, not something to take lightly!

Here’s What I’m Watching Tonight:

American Idol Finale: Well, the right two people are still in it, so I dont even have a strong opinion about the outcome. Both will be famous, both will be rolling in it…both would probably rather place second. Second is a good place to be (think Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert) – so, tonight is going to be killer, and both can enjoy the night wothout a tonne of pressure. It’s not like their future rides on winning or losing. Tune in for the biggest show of the season, 8pm FOX.

Biggest Loser Finale: finale number 2of the evening…which former-fatty will turn into a skinny minnie tonight and win the BIG prize? This finale is always great…lots of action all the way through. Each contestant will return to vye for hte at home prize, and the final 4 will break though the paper wall and make our jaws drop. Tune in tonight, NBC 8pm.

DWTS finale: That’s right…finale number 3 of the night (I told you to stay in…). There’s not much to say, It’s not a runaway for any dancer…but my prediction is that Nicole will take home the big prize…not a shocking opinion. Tune in (beware…of all the finales, this one packs the most FLUFF and FILLER of them all) ABC 9pm.

Whatever you decide to watch (can pack into your evening) have a great TV NIght.




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25 05 2010
Biggest Loser Finale

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