Finale Recaps

26 05 2010

There were three finales last night… bad planning? Or brilliant scheduling?

Either way… Here’s what went down:

AMerican Idol:
I was a little bit disappointed I’m sorry to say. There wasnt a big throwdown…there was no competitive determination, nor was there a far-and-away stadn out performance of the night. I have a theory. Neither of them wanted to win. THey were both playing for ‘second’ place. Second place means more creative control, just as much (if not more) press and escaping the life-long lingering title of ‘American Idol’.

Whatever your theory is, there were some good moments and some confusing moments.

Confusing: American Idol threw away their guise of ‘true artist’ show… by making the new singles…Covers. Yep. No more Kara-written drivel about sunshines, rainbow, following hearts and revealing your destiny. I dont know how much I like the latter…cover singles? Really?

… My prediction is that Lee will win. There, I said it.

A ridiculously long, ridiculousy glitzy and ridiculously predictable finale. THe worst of the night. 2 hours watching dancers we voted off because we never wanted to see them again, recaps, MORE dances (that didnt factor in AT ALL to the voting) … climaxed by a win for Nicole that was inevitable and virtually unchallenged from the first show on. Congrats…dancer.

Biggest Loser:
Has one of the best finales on TV. All contestants come back to reveal their weightloss, it’s live, and there is minimal filler throughout. Last night, the skinny shells of those on the show came through the doors in style…and these people looked amaaaaazing! The final 4 was quickly whittled down (by vote) to a final three: Mike, Daris and Ashley.
fan favourite Koli won the at-home prize (although, he wasnt ‘at-home’ for long…but they lost over 200 pounds, so very well deserving.)

In the end, Big Mike (not the Idol…) lost more than HALF his size to win the big prize! Congrats…

Oh, and in case you were worried…Daris has a girlfriend.




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