Idol Winner

26 05 2010

It is a ‘beautiful day’…especially if your name is Lee Dewyze (or me) who just WON the title of American Idol (or me…for predicting it!)

But before he got that crown…he, along with the rest of us, had to endure 2 hours (plus about 8 minutes of OT-overtime) of the usual Finale Fluff.

Not only was it the Finale, it was the Simon Cowell Send Off… so you can imagine.

Yep. There were Idols of Yore, Flashbacks, Best Of and Worst Of Moments, Songs and montages…and the most uncomfortable 5 minutes on TV. possibly of all time. I kid you not. If you were watching…you know the trainwreck I’m speaking of…the return of Paula (I’m a comedienne) Abdul.

Paula. Abdul. I dont know where to start or how to explain the disaster that ensued on stage. The woman came out after a year of hiding in a Pink Flower Bouquet/dress, more tanned than The Hoff, and incidentally, delivered her ‘lines’ like the Hoff eating a burger after a binge. yep. I said it. She zinged off some classic one-liners…like “Theres a baby with Simons haircut in the back, and it’s your turn to feed honey…” Question: WHo the *&%#! wrote that for her?

Other WTF moments:

  •  Xtina Aguilera’s bedazzled panty hose ensemble (and Charlie Browns little sisters hair…seriously.)
  • The return of the forgotten Idols…lipsynching of course, with Alice Cooper?!
  • Pants on the Ground…the remix with William Hung. I kid you not.
  • Janet Jackson, with Jermaine’s hair, and MJ’s voice…Just sayin.
  • Dane Cook…singing…
  • Randoms: Michael Mcdonald, Joe Cocker, Chicago and….
  • From the near grave…Brett Michaels (he’s so hot right now…it seems.)
  • What?! No Betty White?

and if you set your PVR’s you wont know the outcome, so let me tell you…Lee Won, so did Crystal really. Both will be famous and rich and lead better lives than most. congrats.




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