Bachelorette Monday

31 05 2010

It’s Bachelorette Monday…. yep, the night all Bachelorettes across the nation tune in live vicariously through a fairytale only they could enjoy.

But I’m so there. As usual.

I may even start to remember the guy’s names… unlikely in the first few episodes, but I might be able to come up with some monikers, we shall see. There are no early favourites or frontrunners…but if Aly doesnt stop laughing at every ‘line’ said to her…this could be a very long season.

Are you tuning tonight? Hey…unless youre watching the Stanley Cup, this is the only real option… roll with it ladies.




2 responses

1 06 2010

Did anyone else catch the bad editing on last nights show. At the end before Aly handed out the final rose the camera focuses on Craig and Jonathan aka Weatherman and On Jonathans lapal was a rose, cut to Aly, long pause, then she calls Jonathans name and he comes up to accept the rose, this time with no rose on his lapal. Someone wasn’t paying attention!

1 06 2010

I feel like there were alot of camera issues last night…I guess these shows are put together so fast (quantity over quality!) they dont worry about little glitches. Nice pick up though!
I found it hard last night, everyone I looked at seemed to have something on their lapel, or already have a rose…

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