Bachelorette Recap

31 05 2010

Alright, I’m hooked. It took 2 episodes this time…sigh, I’m so weak.

My reaction from tonight is as follows:

  • The Weatherman is that kid with self esteem issues that turned to ‘comedy’. Not ‘Anchor’ material.
  • Craig is the Jerk News Anchor type…
  • I feel like Frank is in it for the long-haul…and I like the guy alot. He needs to be careful not to fall into the jealous first date guy though…
  • Frank also reminds me of Reid from Jillians season…no?
  • Jesse…is a bit of a dolt, but apparantly Ali likes that. Not the best conversationalist…
  • I’m kind of in love with Roberto…darn you Ali.
  • There are alot of run-of-the-mill southern boys on this season.
  • Another guy with a guitar sings a song to win the girls heart…not saying it wouldnt work on me, just…sayin’.
  • The guitar guy also reveals he was married…but has ‘learned’ (redflag…redflag!)
  • The only tolerable guy from Canada is Jason…but everyone hates him too!
  • Ali is set up to win the guys hearts: bikini, ferrari rides, private jets, Vegas, vintage cars…
  • Not that the guys get to DRIVE these cars…she does. they get shotgun…crushing their manhood slowly on TV.

A bunch of guys got roses, and the showdown between the Weatherman and the Jerk Craig ended with Craig (and his Patrick Dempsey hair) leaving and The Weatherman staying (for now…)

Sources tell me this is going to be an unreal season…like amazing. Like, the Roslyn scandal is NOTHING in comparison to what is to come this season…Stay tuned!




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