Americas Got Talent Tuesday

2 06 2010

WAste no time getting another juggernaut summer blockbuster show on air… out Biggest Loser, American Idol, DWTS… in America’s Got Talent (or just a mix of all competition shows into one…)

Some changes to note: THe Hoff is gone, Howie takes over. This may be disappointing to some people, but I am totally relieved. It completly revives the show and gives it class and credibility…not that Howie can command an iota of respect and can think on his feet…I think you’d agree…The Hoff could not (often reverting to his favourite line: “you’re what this show’s all about“). So that change alone made the show less of a sideshow act display infront of clowns.

What hasnt changed? People still think anything they do to fill time…is considered “talent”.

From jugglers to singers to opera/interpretive dance numbers – every colour of the loony rainbow showed up last night.

There were some highlights, and one MAJOR star moment (but I guess the show has to go on?):

  • The mime/breaker from France
  • The ‘once homeless military vets’ choir (lots of tears)
  • The first act of the night, two tiny dancers: Future Funk
  • The 75 year old dancer with some serious grooove! (he didnt make it through…but he was fantatstic!)
  • An Austrian Voice teacher…with a gold cape.

And THE highlight tof the night award goes to the last act (how did that happen? hmmm) and it WAS a showstopper.

A singer/songwriter with mad guitar skills and a whisky-blues voice – an old-soul with a heart of gold and unbelievable talent. This guy doesnt need ‘Vegas’…he needs Simon Cowell! Remember the name Michael Grimm




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2 06 2010
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Americas Got Talent Tuesday…

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