SYTYCD Thursday

3 06 2010

Is it just me or are they trying to shorten SYTYCD without us knowing?

Exhibit A: only 3 audition episodes…?

Exhibit B: A half-Vegas, Half- Audition show…rolled into one? (that was tonight…)

Exhibit C: Whittling down a Top 10…not a Top 20?

What’s the deal? It’s a long summer…fill it up!

At the rate this is going, I will have all of July and August to twiddle my thumbs infront of re-runs and HGTV!

As mentioned, tonight on SYTYCD was a hybrid of Auditions and the first part of VEgas ‘week’. Next week, will continue with Vegas and personal ‘home visits’ to announce the TOP 10…which I think is safely saved for those who have already gotten screen time and back story features. Am I right?

Predictions start…

  • Billy (Elliott) Bell
  • Alex (holy dancer!) Wong
  • Girl with the Bun
  • Girl from Iran
  • Contemporary Second-chancer
  • One of those ballroom/latin dancers

All locks at this point….they will introduce at least one or two more storylines for us to follow, but with limited space in the Top, they have definitly already highlighted some favourites.

Take a chill pill and milk this show to the last penny FOX…I mean seriously…what’s the friggin’ rush?



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