Bachelorette Pre-Cap

7 06 2010

So it’s another Bachelorette Monday.

Here’s waht we can look forward to tonight:

  • The new Bachelor tradition: tightrope walking/bungee jumping date. History dictates that whomever they take this ‘leap’ with makes it all the way…hmmm….there’s something to that tactic then? I’ve been doing it wrong all these years…never dinner and a movie, from now on it will always be a bungee jump first date.
  • The men all hate on Canadian Wrestler…because the other Canadian jerk is gone. sigh… a sad reality.
  • Replace the lost Canadian content (Craig) with Canadian songbirds The Barenaked Ladies. They love us down there!
  • Tears. lots of tears.
  • Drama… an overwhelming dose.
  • Connection and Chemistry…the two words that could render you unconscious if you were playing a drinking game during this show.

Tune in for the post-show recap.




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