Bachelorette Recap

8 06 2010

No massive surprises tonight (although..I hear that’s coming).

Producers had to drum up some much-needed drama for this episode…so they turned Canadian wrestler into the house-skeezeball or the “not here for the right reasons’ fall guy. Why you ask? Because he dared to take matters into his own hands and hobble over to Ali’s pad down the road. Genius! If you ask me…why has no one else done that? It seems obvious. So, the other boys didnt like that…but you KNOW if they had thought of it…woulda done it in a heartbeat. Dont punish for your own lack of creativity fellas!

Anyways, I dont think Wrestler will win or anything, nor do I think he should…but the man has cried more than Jake recently, talked family-life more than any other guy, and has really been one of the only ones who looks like they are there to WIN…that’s kinda hot right?

My personal Fav got a one-on-one date this week…Roberto (swoon). And he revealed his perfection in spades: I speak Spanish, French , Italian … I’ve travelled the world, I helped you conquer your fear of heights, and flight…and I’m so much hotter than Jake, and I play baseball.

Anyone else thinking- he’s be a PERFECT bachelor?! I love him…sorry. I just showed my cards…but he is my favourite thus far.

The other ONe on One date did not go as well. But how do you follow really? Think: walking tightrope vs staying home. Those were the options. The second date was with Hunter– a guy with a major propensity for using words like “darling” “honey” “dear” “sweetie” …which would drive me mad..especially since he has only really had a combined 15 minutes alone with Ali. The night didnt get much better…there was the silent hot tub, the awkward smores and the send off…rose-less.

Making the transition into a nervous ninny is Frank. That guy was an early favourite of mine, I’m just a little worried for his mental state at this point. He lurks. He broods. He cries. Not healthy activities for this show…He might go a little batty. We shall see.

Weatherman Mike reverted to his 13 year old self when faced with the challenge of proving his manhood. FORCED to kiss Ali (his potentially future wife) onscreen. Wow. Awkward.

Others took that challenge in stride! Namely Kirk…who took his ‘bedroom scene’ literally. They got it on. And he got the Rose. Figures…

I’m still trying to learn people’s names…but here’s who got a rose this week (try to stay with me)

  • Roberto (one on one)
  • Kirk (group date)
  • Cape Chris
  • Frank
  • Craig (the other one)
  • Weatherman
  • Wrestler Justin
  • Jesse
  • Baritone Kasey
  • Ty
  • Chris N (I had to look him up…)

Roseless: John and Steve —who? Yah, that’s what I said. Nothing earthshattering.




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