SYTYCD: Top 10 Revealed

9 06 2010

…after an hour of Vegas week, and a final solo…

oh, and new this year – awkward hometown visits, and even more awkward phone conversations to give the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the Top 10.

Like I said last week… the focus in Vegas week was to subconsciously prime the audience for the Top 10. Certain ‘characters’ became fan favourites…and all of a sudden you are invested in specific dancers’ future in the competition. Great TV…I’m not complaining.

Here’s who made it into the Top 10 (with some twists?!):


1. Cristina Santana (cute Salsa dancer)

2. Melinda Sullivan (Tapper…yesss!)

3. Alexie Agdeppa (Jazz dancer- 4th time auditioning)

4. Lauren Froderman (blonde Contemporary dancer)

5. Ashley Galvan (Brunette Lyrical dancer)


1. Jose “Full Deck” Ruiz (Breaker with the corn rows)

2. Alex Wong (unreal Ballet prodigy…and half Canadian)

3. Kent Boyd (small town Country Contemporary dancer…from wapakinetakatiki or something)

4. Adechike Torbert (second chance Contemporary dancer)

5. Robert Rolden (surprise!)

6. Billy Bell (surprise number 2!)

So…it’s really a Top 11? Why not make it an even Top 12 and let another hopeful girl into the show? That really gets my goat. The Robert guy…not a fan favourite yet, so why bother? Or why not let another on the cusp dancer through as well..?!

I’ll get over it.

Hopefully by tomorrow…because that’s when the first Top 11 performance show starts!




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