Americas Got Talent Recap

16 06 2010

Most people’s parents embarass them to within a inch of their life…

And America’s Got Talent is the perfect stage to completly ruin your child’s life.

Gabby Sidebe is one lucky …duck.

Last night on AGT, (Precious Star and Oscar contender) Gabby Sibebe’s MOM graced the stage. Oy Vey! She told a story about how she’s been singing in the subway for over 20 years (potential career ruining information…) and now wants HER break (please mom…if you love me…don’t!).

But this woman … has some SERIOUS talent! She brought the house DOWN with her musical stylings and singing chops, she was unbelievable!

So here’s the question…who will be MORE successful in the long run? Critics have made a big deal about Gabby being a one-film pony, and her struggle to fit the Hollywood mold in order to land jobs. This woman, her mom, is attempting to fit into the ‘music’ world. There are more mold in music than movies. Think weirdos like Lady Gaga or Prince. Then think divas like Aretha and Susan Boyle. They are all differnt, all successful and all respected in th esame light. So, back to my question…Is Gabby’s Mom going to steal some spotlight?

I think so.

mayne she’s not such a lucky duck…!




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