SYTYCD: Top Ten/Eleven

16 06 2010

So last week was a Cop out week…no one got the boot, but it was instead a ‘showcase of dance’.


If last week was a showcase….tonight was a potlight. A spotlight on a few premiere dancers at the top of their game ready to launch into superstardom.

The Night’s performances went like this:

Billy- was rocking really cheesy spiked hair…I’m assuming channeling Kevin Bacon in Footloose (otherwise…it was just an attempt at being cool, and I’m n ot on board with that!) despite being a favourite coming in…he was a little bit mediocre tonight. I dont think it will affect the vote too much based on his previous brilliance.

Cristina– a salsa dancer turned …errr…jazz-snake? yep…a jazz number that was snake inspired from the crazy mohawk choreographer. She pulled it off..but wears too much make up…that’s my opinon. she needs to be fresh and young…

Adechike- got cheeky in a ‘guys fantasy’ number. Problem…he wasnt ‘into’ it. no sexual chemistry with the sexiest girl you’ve ever met (or who has ever paid any attention to you….) is a problem. but it happens to all guys, and it’s not that big of a deal….right?!

Melinda- The tapper…shoulda been in her element with the broadway number, but sadly, went almost TOO far. She pulls her face more than Heidi Montag (drum beat.) Already at a slight disadvantage by being …not contemporary or hip hop, she’ll be introuble tomorrow.

Alex- wonder when the first tears, standing O or dance to ‘Hellelujah’ would be this season? the answer to all, is tonight.this dance. and Alex brought the house down…or the house broke down. either either.

Lauren– a blonde, contemporary dancer. I cant remember much more…sorry. Oh…there was a red couch involved, it just came to me! I guess she was…fine.

Jose- was blessed with getting Hip Hop…fair? Of course he was good, and his smile is pretty and he can spin on his head. and amazingly he’s the only breaker in the competition this year…usually the field is saturated. He’ll have no trouble going far in this competition.

Kent- is easily the most lovable contestant…in years! He danced his heart out in a ballroom dance…featuring the overwhelming powerhouse, Ana. He looked a little bit like a teenager on a first date with….his mom’s hot friend. But he sold it…and he’s super cute. Sorry…I have a favourite 🙂

Ashley– danced about love…with Neil…who may or may not be the guy she was talkjing about when she said she ‘is in love at the moment’. I smell the first piece of juicy gossip of the season! Stay tuned…oh, it was good too.

Robert- The eleventh Top 10 member…and yah, he has the talent to be on the show…and potentially go very far. Darkhorse is hard to call ont hef irst show of the season, but he is easy on the eyes, moves extremely well and  can likely master any dance style.




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