Friday TV Tidbits

18 06 2010

iiiit’s Friday! What you really want is a tidbit of gossip and TV news to take with you to that BBQ and pool party this weekend. You need a sure-fire conversation starter and something that will get you alot of instant friends poolside.

You’re in luck…

The Bachelor Pad…is basically the new reality show that mixes Big Brother with Bachelor has-beens and cast-offs. The cast of players has beenkept fairly hush-hush…but alas…

I have the OFFICIAL cast list. You’re welcome…

Kiptyn Locke – Cute one from Jillian’s season
Wes Hayden- Cheater from Jillian’s season
Natalie Getz- Jason’ season
Dave Good
Jessie Sulidis- Jake’s season
Tenley Molzahn- Too good for this but…Jake’s season
Nikki Kaapke
Juan Barbieri- Jillian
Gia Allemand- NY-er from Jake’s season
Craig McKinnon – Ali’s season
Jonathan Novack – Weatherman
Elizabeth Kitt – Jake’s season
Ashley Elmore – Jake’s  season
Jesse Beck – Ali’s season
Jesse Kovacs – Jillian’s season
Michelle Kujawa – the crazy dilusional Michelle from Jake’s season
Krisily Kennedy – Charlie O’Connell’s season
Gwen Gioia – Aaron Buerge’s season
Peyton Wright – Andy Baldwin’s season

All of these rose-less wannabes will inhabit a mansion and compete in challenges, where they will also be voted out of the ‘Pad’. It’s sad. And unoriginal. But it will work…because you know there’s going to be a hottub, catfights and bikini bodies.

(check out for more)

Happy Weekend…




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