bachelorette monday

21 06 2010

boring day?

fear not. it’s monday! Which means, even if you had a really dull, drama-free day…The Bachelorette will change that come 8pm. SO stay in kids…it’s going to be a night of tears, fights, allegations, tatoo revelations and…chemistry!

I hear tonight they travel to iceland or Alaska (one o those cold palces…) and the boys compete in a poetry contest to get a date with Ali. Oy Vey…this going to be just as (if not more) embarassing as auditioning on a broadway stage acapella.

Let’s see…what rhymes with Ali?

“O my lovely Ali
you’re not some ordinary Sally.
a blue eyed, blonde from Cali…
please take me to the finale!”

voila! instant date…Unless you are Roberto and say it in Spanish…in which case, he could be spewing “There once was a man from nantucket” and he’d win the date.

We shall see tonight…

oh, and I cannot wait for Ali to see that stupid Tatoo.




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