Bachelor news

22 06 2010

You’ve heard it by now…

Jake and Vienna are no more.


Why is the Bachelor working within totally different parametres than the rest of the world? The working average/ratio of success is extremely low (1 or 2 of like 19) – in every way that you look at this…it’s NOT a success. It’s NOT a show where people “find love”…it’s NOT the last resort and the sure-fire way to get a ring in 3 months. Yet, the show still operates under this guise. The assumption that grouping random strangers with fake tans and a gym obsession in one mansion in LA will ultimately produce…love.

Ridiculous…and this is just another example. Jake and Vienna were characters in their own reality show…that’s it. It extended into a short stint on Dancing with the Stars and a few magazine covers for the the bewitching Vienna.

Any other show, would see this as a means to an end..obviously, something isnt working. If Extreme Home Makeover continually had people lose their over-the-top home to creditors, or continually had people live int he home and hate it after a few months….the show would change. right? On Survivor, if contestants got part-way through and started dropping like flies, or quitting…they would adjust? Just saying…why is this show any different?

Here’s the key… get your man and LEAVE. get out of the spotlight, never to be seen or heard from again…except on manditory bachelor reunions/specials.

Or…try NOT going the dramatic route, and pick the GOOD GIRL! Tenley…think SHE wouldve left you? Highly doubt it, you’d be married with children by now. But…probably not famous. That’s the toss up isnt it?

Now, how long before  Jake tries to join the Bachelor Pad cast?




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