SYTYCD wednesday night

23 06 2010

So there was an earthquake today…and after the EPIC break-up of Jake and Vienna yesterday, only locusts will complete the obvious signs of the imminent Apocolypse.

Apparantly there were also tornado warnings in my area…but I stayed in and watched So You ThinkYou can Dance…even though it mightve been the last thing I did on earth.

Sad? let’s move on…

The (real) Top Ten performed tonight…and I’m TOTALLY loving this season thus far! Here’s why, favourite are emerging not fabricating. The ‘favourites’ taht were foisted on us (namely: Billy) arent the ONLY ones shining…everyone is having a come out party and grabbing the jazz-fingered bull by the glittering horns. so to speak.

Alex Wong is obviously amazing and prodigenic (word? ) and masters any style with studied precision. I love that it doesnt just come easily to him…he admits to ‘studying’…that’s hard to compete against…be scared.

I also thought Blonde Lauren broke through tonight with a Hip Hop dance with a social message about abuse -too ironic to use a Chris Brown song right? good thing they didnt…but I bet they had that conversation.

Also, (my favourite) Kent toned down the cute and revved up the sexy dancing a sassy-jazz number with Courtney (little heathen…making kent-y a man!)

Salsa Christina hit the jackpot dancing with Pascha in a latin ballroom. They were hot hot hot…yes, Pascha was shirtless, in case you missed it.

Two guys that need to step it up and reach their former glory are Adicheke and Billy(Elliot) Bell. Both were raved as the ‘ones to beat’…both coming up short thus far.

Tune in for results tomorrow…predictions?




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