SYTYCD Elimination Thursday

24 06 2010

Luckily…the tornado bypassed my house…otherwise, I wouldve watched a SYTYCD performance show and NOT an elimination…leaving me hanging. and dead.

wow, that earthquake really shook the morbidity out of me…my apologies!

Here’s what went down tonight:

Bottom 3: Salsa Christina, Tapper Melinda and Robert

my thoughts going into deliberation-

  • If you’re Nigel, you’ve already made a big stink about ‘balance’ between girl and boys on this show. There are 6 guys to the 4 girls…getting rid of another girl is not the road you want to head down. But, it’s Robert…a ‘dark horse’ favourite. Mia would NEVER agree to that…
  • Melinda hasnt particularly ‘connected’ with the audience… I think it’s her style. She is a neo-tapper…a little off beat and odd, without the personality to back it up. I dont ‘get’ her, she’s not my friend…and that hurts in voting.
  • Salsa Christina seems very…young. That bodes well at times…but the problem is, she’s no Anya or other powerful ballroom ladies of yore. She needs more Cyd Cherise and less Demi Lovato…feel me?

WHo went home? Salsa Christina.

Shocker in my opinion. I saw her going a little further, and I figured Melinda sealed her fate with a lack lustre routine tonight.




2 responses

25 06 2010
Phillip Zannini (aka PhillyMac)

I agree. If a girl had to go from that group, Melinda. For me, the other girl with dark, long hair could have gone instead. As you can tell, she hasn’t made enough of an impact for me to remember her name. Having said that, I’d have no problems seeing Robert go. Yah, he can dance, but he really hasn’t connected as well as almost any other guy. Still, his routine Wednesday was not as kind of scary as Billy Bell’s was!

25 06 2010

Billy Bell has NOT lived up to his hype- I think he’s scraping by based on his reputation pre-Top 10.
I think Mia saved Robert, and I think the judges havent seen enough of Melinda to axe her yet… I doubt that within one week (unless she gets a killer Sonja routine and nails it) she will be able to garner enough votes to stick around.

thanks for your response!

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