Bachelorette Monday

28 06 2010

Serving of Monday night drama a la Bachelorette anyone?

Bon Appetite!

And the Canadian content served up the most juicy storyline of the night…

Yes, Canadian Wrestler….has…a…girlfriend! or two. It;s a bit unoriginal at this point, but to spice it up…producers had Chris call the girlfriend in Canada to talk to Ali. Awkward. Great TV.

Even better TV was Ali growing a pair and confronting him infront of all the other suitors. His ‘pair’ shrunk and he ran away without explaination- only to come back to the cameras with a story. He didnt do the greatest job telling ‘his ‘side; but am I the only one that…kind of…gets it?

So the guy had a long term girlfriend that he may have broken up with recently or before the show. He meets Ali, thinks he likes her, gets some camera time. THe guys dont spend ALOT of time with this, supposedly ‘amazing’ girl. Unless they get ‘one on ones’ every blue moon…they never get more than a pool party, cocktail mixer and a rose cermony to figure out if they want to marry her or not. Isnt it possible, that in that time….the guys pine for their real relationships they left at home? Just a thought.

Ali got over it pretty quick, so Justin must not have really been her favourite. In that case…good that he is released of his show obligations so he can ALSO move on.

Nothing else earth shattering happened, so I’ll skip right to the Rose Ceremony:

Lawyer Craig goes home.

There was no chemistry, and he stands beside the likes of Roberto, Kirk and Chris…no chance.




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