BET awards commentary

28 06 2010

Anyone else noticing that the BET Awards have become the ultimate vehicle for career primping, shameless promotion and insincere repentance?

Last year, the BETs landed at the EXACT apex of the MJ saga. Only a few days after his death, MJ’s brood of family/friends showed up at the Awards to shed their first public tears and offer tributes (in line with CD/project launches…just sayin’)

This year….MJ was ‘used’ again on the BET stage to rebirth some fledgling careers and people in serious need of some support.

Number one public offender Chris Brown offered up an MJ tribute showing off his moves and his remorse. right. Once dubbed the ‘next prince of pop’… Chris Brown feels ‘connected’ to MJ…step in line Chris. Here’s the thing, Chris couldve done thriller or Beat It – but he chose to incorporate a song that he could break down to in a differnt way. Man in the Mirror…it’s SO obvious it’s almost a spoof. Calculated, not sincere. Sorry.

And if there was one person with a similar public distain quotient…it would be Kanye west no? I dont really want to talk about him…that’s what he wants me to do. But at least he didnt cry. But he DID stand on a mount like Moses, rap about his greatness and address his ‘subjects’… he’s just a really unlikable guy overall. He’s that person that rubs you the wrong way and never smooths it over, just continues to pour vinegar on the wound.

Ludacris is back. apparantly.

So is Prince….so it seems.

Class act alicia Keys sported a new baby bump (hardly detectable under a corsette of black and leather), and duetted with Patti Labelle.

Drake added some Canadian Content and killed it…killed it.

And of course, Queen Latifa hosted…the same as she always hosts: riding the line between groaning irrelevancy and ‘mass appeal’. She doesnt add anything, or take anything away… she’s the neutral choice. They shoulda had one fo the Jacksons…I hear some are looking for camera time.




3 responses

28 06 2010
29 06 2010

I have a pretty strong opinion about MJ’s death and what has transpired as a result… dont get me started!
But I agree that there have been some outstanding tributes…
Chris Brown’s is not one of them for me. It wasnt a tribute. It was a tactic..I’m absolutly sure of it.

but like you said…he pulled it off quite well, mustve practiced 😉

29 06 2010

LOL .. i really didn’t get why Chris Brown became emotional during his performance. But i appreciated his effort though.

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