30 06 2010

Questions answered on tonight’s SYTYCD.

Q: Can a tapper do salsa?
A: not really.

Q: Can a Billy (Elliott) outdance his cam padre Robert (number 11)?
A: Not yet…!

Q: Will Ashley pick anything OTHER than Contemporary?
A: not tonight…

Q:Will Kent ever dance like a MAN?
A: Nope..but who cares?

Q:Can Ballet Alex conquer Hip Hop…with a guy-partner?
A: Heck…yes!!!!

To summarize:

Alex killed it, Billy didnt, neither did Melinda (who? the tapper)
Kent is a little boy…with ALOT of fans (look up Bieber fever in the dictionary…)
A girl will not win it this year…
Robert is a far more interesting addition to the Top 11 than anyone ever thought.
Adicheke is back in the game…

Elimination? I’m thinking Melinda SHOULD go…but that would only leave 2 girls in a top8, and I DONT think Nigel will do that. I would be worried if you are a guy in the bottom three…all I’m sayin.




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