A week in pre-view

4 07 2010

Stay Thirsty my Friends…

That is to say… just because it is vacation season,  the day ends a little later and the smell of BBQ’s lingers til after 9pm – no need to go without TV Nights, Reality show gossip and news from the tube.

Unfortunately, I will not be the messenger of this info during the coming week…I will be taking a much needed (and much put off) vacation.

But I cant leave without feeling like I have left you with enough provisions to last until my return. So here are a few sites you should frequent to get your daily dose…again, just until my homecoming 🙂

www.Zap2it.com – TV listings, recaps and news

http://realitysteve.com – Especially for my Bachelorette fans…but beware of major spoilers!

http://thestar.blogs.com/realitycheck/ – A great blog recapping and discussing reality tv (dance fans, bachelorette fans etc)

And the ususal suspects…


This week…while I’m gone, I will be PVR-ing (and taking all of next sunday to review, so dont call me!): Bachelorette, SYTYCD Top 8 (only two girls…oy vey!), Americas Got Talent (Howie is totally making this show for me…) and a week’s worth of Jeopardys…yes, I said it.

World Cup soccer is still going (and the BEST way to watch this is PVR-d….a soccer game in fastforward is just as thrilling as hockey!), I’m a fan of Germany (any wagon jumpers? I wont tell…) I would love to see a Germany Netherlands final…I will be back in time to precap that game!

I think I’ve pretty much tied up any loose ends…now if I could just fit a few more T-shirts and shorts into my suitcase without the zipper popping, all would be right in the world.

We’ll talk TV next weekend…




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