Finally…The Hills Finale

14 07 2010

Maybe I’m just too…Canadian.

Maybe Southern California is just too foreign a culture from my home-grown environment (think trick or treating in full snowsuit…not a pretty princess was I).

Or maybe I just didnt…buy it.

But putting my opinion of the show on the backburner, we witnessed the finale of the cult-hit reality series, The Hills last night. Didjya watch?

Some of you did, and some of you even watched the soap opera as it aired. I did too… when it was on at the gym on rerun. So I know the storylines… LC and Steven, LC vs Heidi, Heidi and Spencer, the return of KC, LC vs KC, KC vs Jade, KC and BJ, and all the regular characters that became pop characatures…Audrina, LO, Whitney, Spencer, Justin Bobby… etc.

There have been many immitations, spinoffs and look alikes, namely The City (Whits show), the yet-to-be filmed Spencer/Heidi project, even Jersey Shore took a page out of the Laguna Beach book. Following people in their every day lives, drama, highs and lows, success’ and failures… sounds like a movie script right? Well, last night, The Hills turned a creative corner and became self referential. As soon as a genre can do that…it can begin the process of growth, or death.

Let me explain. A genre is created. it becomes popular. it then becomes self referential meaning, it knows it’s conventions. In this case, the ending of The Hills revealed a full set, cameras, backdrop and a man made studio. Asking the question. Was it really…reality? How much of the show was real, how much was just a plot? How much was designed, how much was impromptu?

The tears, the fights, the hook ups, the girl-talk-over-a-small-salad, the jobs…? Could any of that actually have been unstaged? No one outside Laguna Beach will ever really know. It’s just interesting enough a quandry to keep me guessing, and talking about it the next day…and that was the point all along.

I dont think it left with a ‘bang’. I think the hype-highlight of the show was the Heidi/LC feud, and the Heidi Spencer antics last year. They tried to re-energize the show with the return of the original super-witch (family friendly!) Kristen Cavallari, but she added more complications to editing (the bleeper had his work cut out for him….) than to the storyline. The most likeable characters were either gone or sent to the periphery of the plotlines (think LC, Whitney, even heidi and Spencer).

Spencer’s sister became a more central character, and she was dull as mud. Justin Bobby was a fan favourite, but giving him more lines was a mistake. He also became just a pretty face without any intrigue…especially with his propensity to chop together incomprehensible sentences (swoon!). The show’s success ruined Audrina, Heidi, and others…the point was that the cameras happened to be following a group of people that just happened to be beautiful, have lots of friends, ‘normal’ jobs and lots of drama. But when you see these people on the front of magazines, falling out of nightclubs in LA, talking to Paps and landing small B movie roles…it ruins the fascade. After a few seasons, the fresh faced beach beauties became… well, Malibu Barbies.

That’s where it lost me I think. I could not at all relate, nor did I believe the stories. Even if I watched the show for the plots…they becamse weak, and they were completly…unrelateable. These girls didnt have to wake up at 6am, commute an hour to work and pick up subway to eat on the way home every night. The guys I know, do the same. My friends dont smack-talk eachother regularly, or steal other peoples boyfriends for a one night stand. My parents dont own a multi-million dollar beach house with an infinti pool, Roman coloumns and crystal chandeliers.

So, the series is over…but not really. Kristin has mentioned that she has 3 shows in the works (unless one of them is Wipeout, I’m not interested.) Whit still has The City (not for long…I predict), LC still graces the covers of magazines and will undoubtedly be back on TV in the near future, Heidi…is an enigma, Spencer…is a raving lunatic and Audrina doesnt need to talk when she wears a bikini.

“The rest is still unwritten…”



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14 07 2010
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