SYTYCD Top 6…ish

14 07 2010

First there was a Top 10 plus 1.

Then there was the Top 7 minus Alex.

Now, in tonight’s episode, it was the Top 6 less one girl…Ashley.

In my personal opinion, the show did not lack anything without her. This might be useful to note as a judge decideing her fate tomorrow night. She will automatically be in the bottom, and again, my own personal opinion is that if you didnt dance…you should be on the chopping block, it isnt fair to those who DID dance. (maybe with the exception of Alex Wong because…let’s face it…even with a lame leg he would school the other contestants)

So, that being said, tonight was one of the better shows this season…and measures up to most other great shows in previous seasons. Tehre are some great dancers remaining. Some are showing their weaknesses, like Adicheke in his Salsa…not so hot. Or Jose in Broadway…also not the greatest.

Standouts of the night: Kent, in both his numbers, was leagues above the others in terms of charisma and performance level. Lauren (the girl…singular) had two fantastic numbers that proved she will stick around in the boys club for awhile. Robert is proving time after time that he was worth stretching the Top 10 for- he danced an emotional Travis Wall routine that had everyone in shambles.

Predictions? Ashley will be too hurt to continue (incidentally, a convenient way to save face…)




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