America’s Got Talent…

15 07 2010

and impeccable timing.

Oy Vey! Anyone who knows me, knows one of my biggest TV peeves is the ‘last minute’ reveal. They have a full hour. A full hour that they manage to fill with D-list acts, appearances and inane Nick Cannon blathering.

Yet, they can’t manage to reveal the Top 4 acts until…ltierally, the credits are rolling and Nick is shrieking 5-4-3-2…

I will NOT do that to you, here are the 4 acts that have made it through to the next round (personally, I thought this was a weak group…)

1. Singer, Nathaniel Kenyon (did you remember him? Well… he’s got Justin Beiber hair which will give him a certain demographic of vote. sigh.)

2. blacklight show, Fighting Gravity (really, the only worthy act of a standing O)

3. sister group, Christina and Ali (take away the sob story…are they really viable?)

4. Future Funk (these kids are going to get precocious and irritating very soon…)

I hope next week’s group is a bit more entertianing. Less child acts, less ‘fire’ acts, less novelty…
but I guess, that’s the point of the show really.



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