SYTYCD results

15 07 2010

you know that feeling? When you get the Final Jeopardy question right, and the astro-physicist, head librarian and software engineer didnt?


yesterday, I went out on a limb…a thin one, and predicted the outcome of the night’s elimination. As you may recall, I said that a) we didnt miss Ashley on performance night b) the judges should keep that in mind and c) she would conveniently be deemed too hurt to compete and bow out with a saved face.

and that’s exactly what happened.

A sigh of relief to all of you who were starting to sweat over the possiblility that Billy (the second coming of dance) might be sent home after landing in the bottom once again!

so next week will be a repeat of this week…with these implications:

1. one girl remains.

2. If either Billy or Robert return to the bottom…one of ’em is gonna go!

3. Jose made his first appearance in the bottom after exposing some weaknesses… think he can grow much more in this competition?

4. Kent continues to be the only viable superstar on the show.




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