Bachelorette recap

20 07 2010

question: what is more painful to watch than Paula Abdul delivering a punch line?

answer: silence.

The Bachelorette hit a new low of agonizing television viewing last night with a copius amount of dead air and tears.

By now you all know (what some have known for awhile), Frank decided to (selfishly and heinously) break Ali’s heart and reunite with his ex-girlfriend. Boo Hiss. There will be many Frank haters today, but I for one, may actually be…on his side! (boo hiss…put down the tomatoes!) Let me explain myself (stop typing your hate mail).

In reading an interview with Everyone least favourite canadian, ‘Rated R’ Justin, I found some nuggets of wisdom about the production. There are periods of time (like days on end) where these boys dont see an eyelash of Ali. These men have the promise of ‘true love’ if they can stick it out long enough. But what does one do when he is ‘dating’ a girl that he sees once in a solar eclipse, and sometimes, in the company of 20 other guys? Perhaps, one starts to contemplete his decisions. Perhaps one begins to think about what is ‘real’ and what is illusion. Perhaps, one even starts to think about…other people.

Justin told producers long before they went to Iceland that he wanted to go home, he was instead given a script to follow to recreate (and over-edit) this drama on camera.

Justin was the bad guy. every show needs one, fabricated or not.

Frank, did virtually the same thing. He told producers long before “the story broke”, otherwise, they would not have had cameras following him to the house of his Ex, nor would they have been allowed to document every detail in the conversation. I’m almost positive Ali and Chris wouldve been primed on this as well…sount how many times she says “I had NO idea this was going to happen’…thou dost protest too much darlin’.

So Frank took the path of reality. True reality. Although, I would love to know the status of that relationship AFTER the program aired… did they grab cheetos and watch the show together? Should be interesting.

So Ali cried, threw things, wimpered, commiserated with Chris and retold the story about a dozen times. Very hard to watch without doing the same (wimpering, throwing things commiserating with friends…) but if drama on a monday night is what you ordered…it was delievered.

So… next week is Men Tell All…I’m hearing that Justin wont show up (even though his face was on the promo). But looney bin Tatoo boy will certainly be there, in which case, I wont miss it.




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