AGT Group 2 results

21 07 2010

Maybe America wasnt quite ready for the flamboyantly robust musical stylings of Hannibal Meade. Or maybe it was the gyrating, leaping hat-wearing dancers in animal crochets that did him in. Beats me.

But the obvious favourites Gabby’s Mom and Michael Grimm slid on through to the semi finals… surprise surprise.

The Wall-Hangers (or Cirque on a Wall) were the first to make it through, which, I gotta admit, pleasantly surprised me….there’s something really beautiful about their act. It’s unique, it’s real talent and it’s something that could translate well on a glitzy Vegas stage…

The last acts standing, and awaiting the judges nod, were the generic face-painted dance troupe and the face-painted Fire Magician. Waiting until 9:58, Sharon made the final vote in favour of the Magaician who needs to invest in water proof eye liner. Every woman will tell you that.

So I went 2 for 4 this week… I will strive for better in the next round!




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