Americas Got Talent -group 2

21 07 2010

Talk about a stacked group.
Talk about a group you wouldnt want to be in.
…Talk about bad planning!

Imagine you’re in the same group as Gabby’s Mom (like Whistler’s mother…with a pinch of Aretha), Michael Grimm, Scary Opera Dude, Strong Man… throw in a few more marquis acts that got a lot of face time in the audition weeks – it just aint fair!

Some acts stepped up to the plate, as they were expected to do.

Gabbys Mom – perfection. Sang Midnight Train to Georgia – a song with not much oomph or melody, but she killed the ending. She looked great, and I think she may be the most famous family member in time.

Stongman flipped a car. But needs a personality – hey, they told Lee Dewyze the same thing buddy. He still won.

Scary Opera Man- provided hand made crochetted animal ahts to all his dancers, and sang the opening theme from Lion King. I have not seen anything like it in my life. I have no words really.

Michael Grimm- got a new doo (youre not in kansas anymore!) and ended the night (making him a shoo-in) with a bang. He has the most hype coming in, the most riding on his performances…and he nailed it. I told you to remember this guy from his audition, I get the feeling he will ride this wave to the end.

Other acts that faultered (due to lack of real talent or ‘pressure’) just stood out in a bad way:

  • Who let that annoying cheerleader wannabe group in the top 48?
  •  The Bollywood dance troupe was average at best.
  •  People have to stop using pyrotechnics to cover up a dull performance or an out of tune song. Britney Spears gets away with it, but she aint competing.
  •  The “comic impressionist” who grunts, pops out his eyes and speaks a hybrid of indian-american, just confused me and the audience. Howie addressed the main issue with this guy. Does he know people are laughing AT him? Is that the act? I don’t get it. I dont laugh, I just crumple my face and furrow my brow… nontheless, he is a character, and that’s worth it’s weight in gold in the entertainment biz.

So my prediction is that the acts with hype coming in, will be the ones moving forward. None of the heavy hitters disappointed. Gabbys Mom, Michael Grimm, Opera Man are locks…and it’ll be a choice between ‘the impressionist’ and Strongman…the character against the dull-braun.

Tune in tonight for the (painfully overdramatic) results.




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21 07 2010
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