SYTYCD elimination FAIL.

22 07 2010

A Cop Out!

A Major League Cop Out!

A Cop Out of Epic proportions!

This is what happens when the executive producer also sits in as a judge…he makes the final decisions and can opt for a COP OUT at any time without explaination.

Billy OPTED not to dance this week. He was cleared by doctors, and he (wimped) chose to (conveniently sit out) take time to ‘heal’. Fine. But that is reason enough to get the boot.

Jose was completly out of his league last night. CHoreographers worked AROUND him, and he brought down his partners. That would also seem like a decent reason to get voted out at this stage. It wouldnt be surprising.

With two perfectly good candidates on the hook to go home tonight, the judges made the decision to… NOT have an elimination!

There was no reason to pull this out of their back pocket as a lame excuse…so, again, I cry COP OUT!




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