SYTYCD Top 5…or 6

22 07 2010

I’m sure I’m wrong….but has anyone else had THIS thought:

getting injured is convenient.

Stop typing the hate mail, and let me explain.

Ashley was able to conveneiently go down last week, without having to get the ‘official rejection’ from the judges. Doctors orders.

This week, Billy was ‘out’, but WILL be able to continue in the coming weeks. So, has this injury given him a pass? Do you think the judges will oust him without seeing him dance last night? He’s the messiah of dance, I highly doubt it. But he HAS been in the bottom 3 many times, and the judges have had ample opportunity to give up on him. I think, if he HAD danced last night and ended up in the bottom based on lack of votes…it may have been his final hour. But tonight, given that he was necessarily ‘voted’ into the bottom, that will give the judges more reason to keep him on the show.

Moving on.

Those who DID manage to dance last night were definitly on their game!


  • Kent’s jazz number (pulled faces or not…he’s so entertaining!)
  • Robert‘s jazz routine…h-o-t. He is peaking at a really good time, he is turning into a true contender. I can almost predict a Kent vs Robert finale…which would be…epic.
  • Lauren’s hip hop/line dance (i kid you not) was one of the highlights of the night. The girl is showing up and turning out serious performance…you go GIRL.
  • A soon-to-be classic Step routine featuring KEnt and Twitch (Billys fill in).  Incredible energy, I couldnt have asked for a better partnership…sorry Billy.


  • Jose– is weak and it’s obvious a this stage. He attempted a contemporary piece, but hardly ‘danced’…the (smart) choreographer had him doing lots of lifting and arm movements. He also had a Paso with ADichike and it…was not memorable.
  • Adichike was bipolar…he had a grea hip hop piece (although, I think the judges went slightly overboard on the praise for it) and a Paso with jose…which failed in large part due to the collaboration with a weaker dancer. At this point, you must have 2 memorable and strong dances to make it through…it’s just a reality.

So, Predictions for tonight’s results?

Billy (automatic), Adichike and Jose.



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