AGT Tuesday

27 07 2010

Kind of a weak line-up, if a Harmonica player and a Parisian mime were the HIGH-lights.

Other D-list attempts included:

A 12 year old rapper. yawn. (and far too precocious to be lovable)

A washed up comic-dancer-stripper…X-X-X indeed.

A confused band… new wave/acoustic/lady gaga/emo/grunge/80’s rebirth.

A singer with a guitar… fresh. (?!?!!)

Dancing Transformer/animatorons… nothing more than a parade spectacle.

A belly dance troupe… with tiki torches. how exotic! (bleached teeth, hair and fake tanner will take you a long way in this town)

A Russian dancer…with a rope. dangerous.

Another (count them) hip hop dance group…sooo tired. Take away the music and the strobes…it’s the same old.

Top Performances of the Night:

The French Mime (a true performer and a great act)

The French harmonica player (on personality and sheer musicality alone)

The Bike-act (easily tranferrable to a Vegas stage)

Deborah the blonde Sarah McLaughlin (a quiet contender. she was a bit off but still, somewhat intriguing.)



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