Men Tell All…ish.

27 07 2010

An episode of false advertising really…

Men Tell All“…hardly. The show was mostly a recap show, with commentary from some of the guys who cleared their schedules to be on the ‘panel’.

With all your favourite men” … Lies!
The men I wanted to be there…werent:

  •  Justin ‘Rated R’ wasnt there to defend himself (and I give him full credit for NOT showing up and taking an unfair lashing…more about that later.)
  • Frank wasnt there to shed light on his love-epiphany and tahiti shocker.
  • Canadian Craig wasnt there and wouldve added some spice to the vanilla program.
  • And neither of the Top 2 were there – lest they spill the beans.

Instead, of the 10 or so men that managed to get the necessary time off (right…) to show up, I only recognized aboout 5 or 6 of them. Seriously…who were some of those men?! It was like the reunion episode of survivor, and the early cast offs get to sit at the top of the bleachers and nod.

So the night was dedicated to 3 distinct topics of conversation.

1. The spawn of the devil, Rated R
2. The display of love, the Tatoo.
3. Ali is pretty.

1. Each man weighed in on their experience with the fame monger. They all apprantly knew it from the very first limo ride, but incidentally, let it go until Turkey. As I have noted in previous posts…the reality is this: Justin entered as a ‘former’ wrestler. The producers liked this angle, and ASKED him to enter as a wrestler for the sake of interest. He was not out to promote his career…becaseu that WASNT his career. It was all a show, written by the producers. Justin may have entered to ‘be on TV’…but let’s be honest, the show is casted…CASTED…so everyone who AUDITIONS is aware that they will spend some time on the hottest show of the summer. Let’s get over it please. This was not as big a scandal as it came across on TV, it was a very forced attempt at creating a plotline.

2. That stupid tatoo. Casey, the tatoo and his ingratiating ‘motto’ got more air time than all other men combined…so tell me…was the tatoo worth it? Probably. He spent most of the time trying to explain that the tatoo wasnt directed at Al solely…no no, this is the open ended tatoo…”to guard and protect YOUR heart’…the YOUR is tranferrable. Bar to bar I’m sure. So, in a way, it was smarter than getting an “Ali the Beautiful” sewn into his hide. Take note guys…

3. Ali has been my least favourite bachelorette. Sorry, I said it (hate mail goes to my junk mail FYI). She laughs far too often, and most times to cover up for her lack of conversation skills. She is a TERRYFINGLY BAD actress…and this show is so demanding of emotion…it needs a GREAT actress to pull it off. She is also, not that stable.
Think: She left Jake for a job she couldnt pass up. Then had a second thought and wanted to come back (did the employers know?). She then left her job entirely to do this show (I’m sure her employers were totally supportive), and from what I’ve heard…has a hard time (even with 2 perfect guys vying for her heart) making the final selection…at all. I’m not saying any more…there are other sites for that. But really, these guys are fawning over a girl that rocks the hair flip, but not much else.

Best moment of the night, the outtakes. I loved the birds interrupting a deep conversation with Roberto. Priceless…true reality tv, edited out.




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2 08 2010

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