SYTYCD Top…whatever.

28 07 2010

I can’t keep accurate count anymore.

It’s the week of Top 4, but it’s really Top 6, but it should be Top 5.

Get it?


  • Kent channeling gene Kelley in his final number… such an old soul, it’s beautiful.
  • Billy as a homeless man in a (very fitting) contemporary…welcome back gimpy.
  • Robert’s contemporary… the guy looks mighty good in a white shirt and khakis…wowza.


  • Jose. ’nuff said. he brought down every dance number he was a part of tonight.
  • Lauren and Adichikes ballroom…a little dull, and according to the judges, not that technically sound.
  • The closer, Robert and Billy’s Bollywood. usually, I’m a fan…but it was a bit of a stretch and nothing we havent seen before.

So the conundrum is this. Two must go, only one really deserves to after tonight.

But last week…there were two perfectly good candidates for the BOOT. (Billy was injured and Jose was…bad)

So, tomorrow night will be far more painful than it wouldve been a week ago…

Jose will go, that’s obvious. But who else? My thought is Adichike…he is not a superstar on this program, and he was a standout tonight.

Although….he does at times resemble the hottest man on the planet right now… the Old Spice Man (I’m on a horse…) Am I right….ladies?




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