Bachelorette Finale

2 08 2010

Are you ready for it?

The ending of a story so finely crafted over the summer months will come to a sweeping end tonight, with a conclusion befitting a fairytale. Right?

Ali Fed-whatever-ski has two men, and will make her final decision tonight – a decision that has the potential to give her an extra 2-3 months worth of press, so it better be juicy – controversial even!

But make sure you are stocked up on all your favourite snacks for the evening because it’s going to be a long one. 3 hours actually. 1 hour and 58 minutes of Tahiti, meeting the family and build up (back and forth, crying, brow furrowing and pouting). 2 minutes of ‘the decision’ and tears…oh yes, LOTS of tears (producers work to her strengths…) And an hour of talking it out with Chris after the BIG choice is made.

Thoughts? Does anyone care WHO she chooses…given the track record, they’ll be broken up in a few months anyways. The story is always better than the ending…

Tune in tonight at 8pm!




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