Bachelorette Finale Recap

2 08 2010

I have to be honest with you folks… the show FINALLY got me!

Not that I didnt think Roberto could go all the way, or that this would be the outcome. But rather, I was surprised after hearing every rumour that swirled about the result…most were wrong.

I heard Ali ended up single. WRONG!

So here I was expecting Ali to be doubting her relationships so much, that she let’s both go in dramatic fashion.

Instead, she lets Chris go after what must’ve been some kinda romantic night with Roberto. If she felt so strongly that she couldnt spend another day splashing around a beach in Tahiti with a topless hunk… Roberto mustve been…very romantic. That’s all I’m sayin’.

So, then I was absolutly positive that Roberto wouldnt propose. That Roberto would (see that he was better than that) have second thoughts about the ‘reality’ of it all, and would leave her broken hearted in Tahiti. Up until he said the words, I was SO sure of myself and my ‘sources’.

Therefore, I am left completly satisfied at the end of it all…and I had very low expectations of that happening!

Roberto is every woman’s perfect guy. More specifically…my perfect guy. So, as much as I bash the girl…she stole my man’s heart so she’s one up on me. sigh.

Getting to After the Final Rose… Frank didnt show. Chris had to relive the ‘rainbow moment’ and face Ali, and a wedding will be in the works next year…giving us at least another 12 months of looking at this match made in Reality TV heaven…oy vey.

On an entirely non linear note…why was eveyone suddenly attempting to speak Spanish to Roberto tonight? Like the epoor guy has been struggling with the english language all season or something? C’mon folks, not everyone named Carlos, Juan and Roberto is in need of a translator.

Closing Thoughts:

  • Roberto is 10 massive steps up from Jake.
  • I’ll believe a wedding when I see one.
  • Chris may just be the new Ryan Seacrest…the hardest working ‘narrator’ in the bizzzz.
  • I might have to watch Bachelor Pad
  • New show: Ali in search of an Employer that will appreciate her impressive resume of work in the past year.
  • Is Chris being set up for the next Bachelor? Yawn…too obvious.
  • After spending months traversing the globe falling in love…Ali and Roberto are given a vacation together. Proof that God chooses favourites.



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3 08 2010

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