Americas Got Talent: Group 4

3 08 2010

A real mixed bag tonight.

I literally saw the worst 90 second ‘act’ of my life (and I watched the William Hung trainwreck), and I saw some pretty entertaining (worthy of my 2 hour investment) acts.


  • Taylor – the guitar playing Zac Efron look alike, except THIS guy is likeable…imagine the kind of success he could have riding THAT wave!
  •  The Lightning Musicians blew the Blue Man Group out of the OCEAN with this act! Vegas has NEW gods.
  • The ex-Carny – almost sawed himself in half on live TV… he almost DIED and so did I!
  • I’m loving Prince Poppycock. I know, I know…it’s an unexplainable obsession really. He’s like the male version of Lady Gaga, or the female version…?! For the same reason I download Gaga videos, I am compelled to root for this guy. But, as we all know, Adam Lambert didnt win American Idol… Kris (vanilla) Allen did.
  • The Andy Dick look alike Magician – something about him annoys me, but I love a good magician! This guy relies on the big gestures…like disappearing women turned into tigers for example.


  • Possibly the lowest light of the last 10 years. The Orange-haired Bride of Frankenstein banging her keys with a mambo beat background. Yup, it was worse than you could ever imagine. I’m still cringing- and getting rid of ALL my blue eye-shadow, lest it be EVER be used again.
  • The Harmony singers– yikes. just …oy vey. bad.
  • The dancing… mis-shapens? Sorry, it’s wrong, but the dance troupe is made up of Over sized and Under sized non-dancers.


  • The hip hopping mormon violinist… she looked like Pippy Longstocking, danced like J-Lo and unfortunately, did not really play her violin that well. But her act is unique, and she’s quite a fire cracker. Meh.
  • Kid dancers. Again, sorry…but I dont like giving 12 year olds a million bucks for an after-school program recital. Meh.
  • The Comic… he was self effacing, mocking and had some good one liners. Problem…not enough time to develop a bit that would incite a ton of votes or followers. Meh.
  • The Step Dancing Crew – It’s all good, but I forget every dance group that takes the stage…they start to all look the same! Meh.

Predictions? Too close to call really… I’m going to sleep on it and make my official call in tomorrows blog.




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