4 08 2010

Feels like it’s taken forever to get to this point in the competition- because it HAS!

Since there’s only 4 of ’em…I’ll give you a complete run down of my thoughts…in case…you care.

I have said it from the start, this kid is the real deal. He has the X Facta’ as Simon would say or the Je Ne C’est Quoi as the french would say. Whoever says it…it’s the one true, fool proof ticket to the finals in reality/competition shows. He is extremely talented.yes. but tha’s not all…he’s also extremely personable, lovable and an accessible character.
His Disco was fast and groovy…although the judges gave it a “meh”. His last dance was the dance of the night… a Travis Wall with Neil…these guys are all the same person, and I loved the collaboration! There were tears…He’s a SHOOO-IN.

When did she turn into a sex-kitten? I think her steady rise, and the fact that she’s the last girl standing has given her a renewed confidence in her success. She would have to be confident to pull off the numbers and the outfits she was given this week! Holy body-suits, lace and…cleavage Batman!
Her tango with Pacsha was seriously hot…she looked like a seasoned pro. Her Jazz number was equally sexi-fied, and ‘animalistic’…she’s totally worthy of the Top 3.

IS totally being set up to go home. Let me explain, the judges kep using past tense praise “you HAVE been amazing” “You HAVE GROWN so much”  etc. They kept using the vaguest cop out responses like “I wanted more from you” or “I feel like you fell short”. He definitly doest have the same gusto as Kent…but who does?
His AFrican dance was pretty neat, minus the half-vest he was forced to wear. I thought he did really well with it, but the judges ‘wanted more’. yawn. I kinda forget his last dance…that’s never a good sign!

The darkhorse
. The ‘number 11’. The frequent bottom three-dweller. This guy has had to WORK for his position, and he has seriously risen to the occasion! He is making a push at the right time, and peaking advantageously!
His Viennese waltz was beautiful, he looked like a pro- perhaps the first time Anya hasnt outdanced her partner. His Clown Hip Hop routine probably sealed his fate…it was quirky, creative and everyone loves a good hip hop from ‘Nappy Tabs’. And there were colourful balloons…oooo colours!

There ya have it…the judges think Adichike is going, clearly. Thoughts?




One response

5 08 2010

I’d have to agree with all of your assesments…the judges clearly want Adichike out and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve said Lauren & Kent since day one and Robert KILLED IT with that clown hip hop!! I mean come on?!?! Nappy Tabs are sick. period.

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