AGT: Youtube (…?)

10 08 2010

Why is this such a big deal?

The judges make it sound like just because you posted your video on Youtube…you’ve NEVER left your bedroom, and therefore might just be a complete disaster of a human being on live TV.

Isnt this what this show does? Expose talent?

At any rate… producers have decided that creating (fabricating) hype by assuming it could be catastrophic for these (hermits) contestants…even more than usual.

In reality, it’s just more of the same! Nothing new…just a way to synergize with a big internet vehicle, and fill another week of performances for the network. Overall, NOT a good showing…


  • The Acapella group of nerds. I liked them, and they would prove to be one of the best of the night…
  • Maestro” piano player. Finally… practiced, professional talent. (and a total dig at Lady Gaga…careful! Remember, you’ll need a bit of Gaga and a bit of Liberace to make in Vegas!)
  • The Magician…is a highlight because I dont know where else to put him. He was totally gross and repulsive…’flossing’ his neck. Marilyn Manson/Edward Scissor hands/Ziggy Stardust… I still dont know what to think.
  • 10 year old Opera Singer. Very cool… it’s such a rare talent, she’s so young, and she’s not at all precocious! Atta girl…


  • The comedian. It just doesnt work to try and make people fall out of their seats in laughter after 90 seconds of material.
  • The Kung Fu dancer. It wasnt dance, it wasnt really martial arts…it was alot of spastic movements and muscles.
  • The Skipper. If this kid didnt have friends before…he certainly didnt win any tonight.
  • In a night full of ‘lows’…it’s hard to put the Dog Act in here, but the poor animal was at the mercy of a failed prop. His accordian broke half way through his performance. Who’s fault was THAT?!
  • Female Bar singer. She looked like a Hooters opening act…sorry. Floozy and completly out of tune…Karaoke at it’s worst. painful!


  • Pizza thrower? so what… He’s Italian and from New York. It’s like me showing you how to do the YMCA. Just meh…
  • The Male Guitarist. He was…fine. But in a “there’s live music on the patio every wednesday night” kind of way. Not a superstar by any stretch.



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