SYTYCD: The Finale

11 08 2010

The BEST 2 hours of TV all week.

I’m so glad I made it through the horror of Bachelor Pad, the mediocrity of Americas Got Talent…so that I could witness a finale of EPIC proportions!

Each dancer is deserving, and usually, I have an express favourite…but this season, I’m a fence jumper! I dont know WHO’s team I’m on (this decision is making Team Edward vs Team Jake seem like tweens-play!)

Each had a shining moment:

Kent- the contemporary that brought him and the panel to tears (I warned you didnt I?). It was a breakthrough for him as it allowed him to shed his ‘time-to-till-the-crops-Pa!’ persona. fantastic number by the (ahem) Canadian Stacy Tucci.

Robert- His jazz number with Mark (arent they the same person? seriously…) was saucy, cool and fun. The style fit him like the silver suit he was wearing… perfection.

Lauren – Her Hip-Hop was one of those pieces that will stick with you. It was fun, strong and had a story (although, I wouldnt want to give Sarah Palin any ideas…she might just end up on DWTS next season.sigh.)

There’s a case for all of them, but I think Lauren was kind of a shinging revelation tonight. Her Hip Hop was excellent, and her Cha Cha brought the judges to a ferklempt state of consciousness. Kent is the obvious favourite of the season, and the true star bar none. The fact that he cried tonight, didnt hurt him. Robert has always been the ‘darkhorse’ figure, and I think it’s safe to say, it would be surprising to see him in the top 2 position…but I’ve been surprised before!

My prediction is that a 115 pound blonde with a mega-watt toothy grin and an insatiably sunny disposition will win it all. I’ll let you decide if it’s the guy or the girl that fits that bill!




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