AGT Youtube: Results

12 08 2010

Last night’s results show was like the show that shouldve been.

If you know me, You’d know that: a)I hate results shows and b)I hate rain
So, I never have high expectations for wednesday night AGT results shows, especially with dopey Nick Carey….err Cannon running the evening!

But last night, displayed the kind of talent that Youtube has become infamous for giving to the world. Acts that are creative, sensational, unbelievable and have gone viral in a matter of seconds.

Performers included the Chinese Whitney Houston, and the (most watched videos of ALL TIME) The Evolution of Dance.

But then, there was the issue of electing 4 mediocre acts from a group of 12 acts taht arguably shouldnt have even been competing. Why didnt they just SHOW UP at the auditions in their town instead of filming themselves in their bedrooms? That’s my beef.

I’ll make it brief from here… The 4 acts that made it through to the semi’s are:

  • The freaky magician
  • The Piano player
  • The 10 year old Opera singer
  • The Floozy Bar singer



4 responses

12 08 2010
Lynda Bryant

The 10-year old should not even be considered. She was not plucked from obscurity like Susan Boyle. She has already been working w/ people like David Foster. Come on!!!! Give the unknowns their chance.

12 08 2010

I hadnt heard that…oooo, that DOES make a difference. But then, if there’s a person in the world with an incredible singing talent capable of making millions…David Foster’s involved!

19 08 2010
roulette taktik

An sich n cooler post, aber kannst beim nachsten mal n bisschen detailierter sein?

19 08 2010

kurz und bündig!

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