SYTYCD Finale: Results

12 08 2010

and the winner…of So you THINK you Can DANCE…issss…


Surprised? I am…slightly, but pleasantly! I mean, I think considering she was up against the teen dream version of a puppy dog jumping through rainbows of happiness and virginity, Kent.

All in all, I think she outshone the other last night. She was solid all the way though, and really was a force to be reckoned with since Hollywood. Atta girl! She also danced my FAVOURITE dance of hers all season…the Cowboy Hip Hop routine…unreal. I’m like Mia…I kinda wish I could BE her in that dance.

and as quickly as it came, it goes away for another season!

For those of you Die Hards…check out the Canadian version of the franchise starting this SUNDAY (appropriate timing!) on CTV! It’s like the American one, just a little more polite, self-effacing and liberal.




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