Bachelor Pad Monday

16 08 2010

Those were the days.

When the blondes who had developed curves over the summer, came in with their perfectly tanned bodies, cute size 2 minis, a gaggle of girls behind them and new boy toy on their arms… and you just KNEW (and so did they…), that they were going to rule the school that year.

wow, it makes me turn and pretend to search through my locker just thinking about it.

Tonight on the Bachelor Pad…nothing has changed. Those same girls, are still ruling their roost. Wherever that roost may be…they rule it. But jsut like watching those girls and their equally impressively disconnected guys trying to figure out their homework assignments…it is pointless for them to even TRY and talk strategy with anyone (with a job outside of retail or waitressing).

So it takes the ‘others’, the ‘outsiders’ to figure out, brains will trump beauty once in a blue moon, and it just may be the perfect time to use what got them through highschool. A common bond. Jealousy and haunting memories of youthful yore.

Cue Gia. The ‘hands off’ girl trying to plan prom. In this case, trying to formulate a plan for the ‘others’. There is power in numbers, and power in the idea that you might be able to exact revenge. If someone had offered me a chance to knock the crown off the Homecoming Queen… I wouldve jumped at the opportunity, however it was presented.

But Gia is a girl, and we tend to use emotion over rationality…if the guys eyes are dark enough, voice is soft enough and guitar is acoustic enough. She was so close to actually seeing ‘the plan’ through. ( not an easy task with the dunces she’s got working with her. seriously). She mapped out ‘the plan’ to the Weather Man…who chose to go with his own gut. (note: guys, you always think you have a good read on girls… in reality, you do not. We know eachother way better than you ever will. fact.) Gia intended to give the rose to Craig (the hated Canadian), but one look deep into Wes’ eyes was the end of that game plan. Sigh… I’d love to say I wouldve stuck with my gut, but I’m only human.

This will prove to be a major development at the Rose Ceremony.

jump to…the rose ceremony ( what happened in between is irrelevant, think hot tubs and pillow talk)

Long conversations about who’s relationship is more ‘legit’ in this game between Elizabeth and Kovacs (clearly an abusive one, controlled by the crazy trophy girl) and Tenley and Kipton (the all american couple…) It was a bone of contention and provided some highly entertaining back and forth.

But due to Gia’s false step…she was incapable of ousting any of the ‘cool guys’. Canadian Craig goes home. Ont he girls side, chalk one for the outsiders as Canadian Jessi runs her mouth too much to keep her around.

Bad night for the canadian contestants…whatever. We could start our own show with all the Canuck Cast offs. We have a pretty good start with ‘Rated R’ the wrestler, Jessi, Craig and I hear Gillian is single again!




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