AGT: Wildcard

17 08 2010

Here’s the problem with the wildcard. There was a reason why each and every act did not make it through their respective groups, or even through Vegas. They were lacking, werent popular or werent ready for this competition.

So, on that note, let’s see if anything has changed…


  • The Magician (I hate it when they fool me, but He did…and I loved it!)
  • The kite flyer (there is something soooo peaceful and beautiful about this ‘act’)
  • The Trapeze (redemption! Finally a group taking advantage of their second chance…and providing the most drama all night with a fake miscue!)


  • The 12 year old Rapper (messy, and the ‘rap’ has already been done “k-i-s-s-ing”…please, my grandmother taught me that one!)
  • The comic (unfunny. uninteresting. unsure why they are still backing this guy)
  • The Hip Hop girls (something about 8 year olds acting like they’re in a gang turns me right off)


  • French Harmonica Player (it’s a harmonica…nothing earthshattering. Even Gaga couldnt help the cool factor)
  • The French circus-man (too long int he build up, came up a bit short in the execution)
  • The Tappers (a little bit ‘same old same old’)
  • The Bollywood dancers (not even the best Bollywood dancers I’ve seen…so, meh)
  • Anna and Patrick (how many times do I have to say this…they are in the same league as millions of other ‘after school dancers’ across the world…nothing special!)
  • Sideshow act (while creepy…you either love it, or hate it…I call it meh.)

In my opinion, alot of Mehs …but what else would you expect? The ‘premature’ cast offs didnt make it through the FIRST time for a reason…because MEH couldnt cut it.




4 responses

17 08 2010

I’d love to find a clip of Michael Lepari & Ashleigh Dijon and their miscue. My daughter had to go to bed, but she’d love to see this drama.
Thank you.

18 08 2010

voila! enjoy…

17 08 2010
Mc Escker

RNG ruled. You are an idiot!

18 08 2010

my blog. my opinion.

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