Bachelor Pad Monday

24 08 2010

It took a little while, but the Bachelor Pad has finally evolved into the show it was supposed to be.

Gone are the Twister games and Pie Eating contests. This show was made to make people squirm a little and create (produce…) drama for mundane monday nights.

Last night, it finally shed it’s outer layer, and got right to the good stuff. Such as make out competitions (full tongue required), Topless pools (nudity required in order to get ahead…) and fantasy suites (not just for talking about the game…fyi).

Myabe the premise fooled a few contestants before they showed up to compete. This is NOT a game show. This is a ticking time bomb of love making, where the best lovers win. So, when the ‘kissing competition’ started to heat up, there were a few who couldnt take the burn. For example, the girl who entered WITH a boyfriend at home…watching the show with the rest of us. Gia was torn between fidelity and game-play, and tearfully had to bow out. The school-teacher also opted to sit out, for pride’s sake. Really?! You still have a shred of pride left? You’re on the Bachelor Pad. Sharing a hot tub with The Weather Man. ‘Nuff said.

Moving on… The big galoot Dave (Jillians season) won the contest on the mens side, and Peyton (the southern blonde…or one of them.) took it for the ladies.

Dave’s date consisted of a flight to Vegas where, contrary to popular opinion, there are other things to do other than hit the strip or gamble whatsoever. (??!!) The producers did some digging, and found a topless pool to rent out for the night …no pressure. There’s always that ONE girl who will unstring her bikini on a dime for the attention (and the rose), and it never fails…they always get the attention AND the rose! So another couple emerges: Dave and Natalie

Peytons date was totally catered to the boys. A race track  where they got to drive fast cars and eat ‘street meat’ (sounds like…super fun). Of the 3  boys she took, 2 were ‘attached’ to other ladies in the house…so the obvious decision is to take the ‘single-ish’ guy (Jesse B)  to the fantasy suite. Voila, another couple is formed.

Question: Is anyone left actually ‘a bachelor’ anymore?

So back at the house, Wes is still trying to sell tracks on iTunes and serenades Gia with an old favourite (not something from his new album…) “Love dont come easy” (it’ll be in your head all day now…sorry!)

At the Rose ceremony, it went down pretty much exactly how it was determined within the first 5 minutes of the episode. The Weatherman and Gia go home.

So the ‘undesirable’ and the ‘untouchable’ leave, now all is fair in love and war…and there will be alot of lovin’ and alot of war in the coming weeks. Guaranteed.




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