SYTYCD Canada: Top 22

24 08 2010

The thing I love about ‘franchise’ shows, is that rarely do you have to suffer through a long period without being able to find one to latch onto for a period of time. Last night, I remembered why I love this show and why, I’m glad I dont have to wait a full year to see it some capacity.

In it’s Canadian format, it is JUST as greatly entertaining (hometown bias…it may even be better. just sayin…), and the best way to fill 2 hours on a monday night in the summer. I mean really.

And just like it’s American counterpart, the season started off with an injury to an early ‘favourite’. The cute blonde Shelaina suffered a break in her foot… unlikely she will return. Which only means she has a free ticket for next season, dont shed too many tears.

For those who DID perform last night, it was a good showing. A little bit safe…but it IS the first show. The cream of the crop last night, in my opinion (put away your hate-mail) were as follows:

  • The salsa with Yonni (love!) and Claudia
  • The Afro-Jazz routine (perhaps the most creative piece of the night)
  • The Hip Hop with Bree and Edgar
  • The contemporary with Hani and…Tara Jean (in place of the infirmed Shelaina)

When there are so many dancers, it’s hard to start picking favourites or predicting cast-offs… tune in tonight for the results!




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