AGT Semi -Final Results

25 08 2010

The results are in!

The first 5 moving on and into the finals are…

  • Anna & Patryk (think of this shows voting demographic…not a huge surprise)
  • Michael Grimm ( a shoo in…who are we kidding?)
  • Prince Poppycock (finally, Lady Gaga’s long lost male twin gets his own shot.)
  •  Taylor Mathews (Blame the Bieber/Efron effect…)
  •  Christina & Ali (blondes DO have all the fun)

There you have it…surprises?

I wouldve like to have seen acts like Descendance, Antonio or Arcattack make it through over some of the singers. I mean, if this were all about the singers…it would be American Idol no? This show is supposed to be about unique talents getting their own forum to perform in.

Of the 5 acts through, 4 are singers. wow. And there will be at least one other singer in the final, next week Gabbys Mom performs along with one or two other singers with buzz coming in. Imagine a finale where more than half the acts are singers…




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