AGT: Semi finals

25 08 2010

The Semi finalists of Americas Got Talent hit the big stage last night… some acts were mediocre at best, others were actually worthy of the cool Mil and Vegas show.

The Good:

  • Lightning Musicians- a viable contender for the $$$ and the win.
  • Prince Poppycock – arent you glad he’s back?! This guy ended the night with a BANG up performance of Bohemian Rhapsody, his best song by far. ANd he looked absolutley Fab!
  • Taylor – I thought he sounded totally commercial, which is a good thing. And please, his face rivals the cutness of Efron…this guy is gold.
  • Michael Grimm– could do without the dancers, they added nothing. Thankfully, nothing can take away the talent of this young man, he is a star.

The Bad:

  • Cristina and Ali- have been off-key on each of their performances, but continue to get the vote with their doe eyed innnocence and heartwarming backstory.
  • Dan Sperry– a lame ‘magic’ act that was painfully obvious and lacked intrigue.
  • Kristina Young– slipped through the wildcard round, and was horrendous last night. It was more painful than her first attempt, and that’s saying alot.

The ‘Meh’:

  • Ana and Patrick – I got alot of flack for saying they werent my favourite performers last week, and I’ll do it again. They are good, but they arent amazing. I’ve seen it all before, and I find myself using their timeslot to grab another snack.
  • Future Funk – very cute, very very cute. But not much substance. Lets face it, they are young kids competing with people who are masters at their craft.
  • Antonio– they need to ex-nay the dancing ladies in tights and leather…from ALL acts. They are superfluous and distracting.
  • Connor– the kites might just be a short-lived affair. It lacked itnerest for me tonight.
  • The Dance crew– they were good, not great, but good.



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