DWTS Cast whispers…

25 08 2010

Some early rumours have surfaced about the newest cast of DWTS.

Wanna hear a few?

Keep in mind, these are rumours ( from pretty solid sources!) and the official cast list will be announced on next week’s edition of the Bachelor Pad…sneaky sneaky.

  • The Hoff (sigh…why do people keep giving this man a career?!)
  • Michael Bolton (fine as long as he doesnt sing…)
  • Kurt Warmer (who?  another football-er)
  • The Situation (giving Max’s abs a run for their money)
  • Bristol Palin (what…Sasha and Malia were busy?)
  • Audrina Patridge (She’ll inherit PamAndersons outfits)
  • Brandy (another D-lister slipping into obscurity…)

I anticipate another soap star or two, another sports star or two, a ‘character’ and a really old person.

Thoughts on this list so far? I’m kinda liking it…!




3 responses

25 08 2010

thats cuz the hoff is awesome lol, you have to respect celebs who dont take themselves seriously.

25 08 2010

yup, and they wouldnt have to supply the fake tan for him…that’s a plus.

25 08 2010

or booze lol, im sure he has enough of that too 🙂

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